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Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN

Fort Snelling was a frontier fort established in 1819 to maintain peace on what was then the western frontier.  The cemetery itself was established in 1870. According to Wikipedia, “in 1937, the citizens of St. Paul petitioned Congress to construct a National Cemetery in the area. Two years later, the new plot was dedicated and the burials from the original post cemetery were moved to it. In 1960, the Fort Snelling Air Force Station transferred 146 acres to the cemetery; another 177 acres were acquired in 1961, expanding the cemetery to its current size.”

I took these photos in early December of 2012.  Actually, a friend of mine, who was my adventure buddy at the time (during mortuary school), and I went and it turned out she had a relative buried there!  Right after we caught the Hiawatha line to leave, it started snowing. Never got the chance to go back and take some pictures in the snow though.

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